Originally from Canada I first came to Japan in 1988 and have lived in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokushima for the past twenty-five years. I completed my BA (1995) and MA (2001) at the Asian Studies Department at the University of British Columbia. Since 1999 I have been researching various aspects of the Shikoku pilgrimage route, but mostly focussing on the history of Westerners and the pilgrimage.

Shikoku pilgrimage videos

October 2018

June 2016

May 2014

2011 - Tokushima (Part 1 of 2)
2012 - Kagawa (Part 8)

Office: 徳島大学開放実践センター2階

David C. Moreton  Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tokushima University, Minami Josanjima-cho 1-1, Tokushima, JAPAN 770-8502
ディビット モートン 〒770-8052徳島市南常三島町1-1 徳島大学教養教育院
Email:                         canadahenro(at)gmail.com
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